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What should be done for healthy teeth?

Changes in lifestyle, eating habits, technology-related products, versatility and mouth health affects. What are we paying attention to protect our mouth, mouth and dental health?
1. Before one goes to bed, the teeth must be brushed twice a day
2. Use interface or floss for proper cleaning
3. Dentist check every 6 months
4. When the teeth are being brushed, the tongue must also be brushed
5. For more effective laundry
6. Threading time should not be less than 2 minutes
7. Periodically clean your teeth
8. The mouthwash needed to remove the toothbrush must be available
9. Dental weaving should be replaced every 2-3 months
10. Teeth whiteners should be used by a doctor
11. Do not insert items such as crayons, pins, etc. as they may damage the tooth structure
12. Situations such as grinding, squeezing should be controlled as it will damage the toothbrush
13. For oral or dental caries, including oral and dental health
14. Sugar gums, toothed sugar should be cleaned with saliva
15. Fruits that increase saliva in mouth such as orange, mandarin, kiwi, lemon, grapefruit should be consumed
16. After eating a piece of cheese should be consumed if possible
17. After eating it, you should absolutely drink water or shake your mouth
18. Consumption should be limited as carbonated beverages can wear out dental minerals
19. Hard nuts like hazelnuts should never break with teeth
20. Because it will create mechanical cleaning treatment on teeth, hard vegetables such as apples, carrots